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  1. Yesterday
  2. Uraganu

    acceptat nume si parola pe ts3
  3. -Nick: FOX#SponsoRED -Varsta: 24 -Poti fi on pe ts3 chiar si fara microfon?: da/da -Ai citit regulamentul?scrie cuvantul cheie: COVID -Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie? de ce nu (DA) -Experienta amx (0-100%): am avut servere pe vremuri
  4. ITYTINick

    Numele Jucatorului: The Try Harder IP-ul: Motivul: WG Rosu Data & Ora: 10.07.2020 15:05 Dovada: ( Upload Imagine / Upload Video ): https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2032172
  5. ITYTINick

    Numele Jucatorului: 6ix9ine IP-ul: Motivul: Neprezentare WG Data & Ora: 10.07.2020 14:50 Dovada: ( Upload Imagine / Upload Video ): https://imgur.com/a/hmaudgK
  6. ITYTINick

  7. [HELL]^PaTrAfiR

  8. [HELL]^PaTrAfiR

  9. [HELL]^PaTrAfiR

  10. Last week
  11. JusT4WinN

    Contra, varsta minima lipsa, regulament necitit, activitate nema.
  12. IarbaVRD

    Numele tau:Tudor Nick pe CS:IarbaVRD Varsta:13 Primele 4 cifre din CNP: Ore: (Le poti verifica AICI )https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/go.crashed.ro:27015/top_players/?query=IarbaVRD&sort=0&order=ASC Experienta AMXMOD:1 an si 2 luni Steam:Off Grad dorit:Helper Poti dona?: (Daca raspunsul tau este DA te rog sa argumentezi si sa ne spui ce suma ai putea oferi)as vrea sa sustin acest server (5 euro) Ai citit regulamentul?:da
  13. al^

    Rejected you don't read the rules and you don't use the model
  14. Ben

    I have Counter-Strike steam and i know all the rules and amxmodmenu thx.
  15. al^

    Use the model and make a request here ==> https://crashed.ro/index.php?/forum/29-club-cerere-admine/
  16. Ben

    hellow i need Admin i have Counter strike steam and i know the rules and amxmodmenu
  17. Ioana Mihaela

    Votat 1
  18. ITYTINick

  19. [HELL]^PaTrAfiR

    asteptam adminul cu dovada
  20. al^

    We are waiting for @Petre to come with the proof, if he doesn't have any proof you will receive unban
  21. Anas AK47

    -Nick: Anas -IP: -Steamid: Anas -Date and hour when you got banned: 7th Sep 2020 Time: about 1:40am (in my time) -The admin who banned you: Petre -The proof screenshot of console or something: Petre did not take a screenshots to send them (banned immediately) >> I play daily on the server I have sent a ton of screenshots before and all clean PatrAfire asked and sent = clean Sebi NT asked and sent = clean iOnut asked and sent = clean Dumbledore asked and sent = clean
  22. [HELL]^PaTrAfiR

    you have to complete these fields to be approved ENGLISH MODEL -Nick: -IP: -Steamid -Date and hour when you got banned: -The admin who banned you: -The proof screenshot of console or something:
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