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  2. 1.Nickname: xlxl 2.Ora si data: 19.05.2019-22,19 3.SteamID: - STEAM_1:0:688913576 4.Ip-ul: 5.Motiv: no.ss 6.Dovada: doc.txt
  3. nick: SpriNt^ Data si ora: 29.05.2019 ora 21:05 Steam: STEAM_ID_LAN Ip Motiv Nu a dat SS in timp DovadA: no SS
  4. 1.Nickname:^perucaa 2.Ora si data:19.05.2019 3.SteamID:STEAM_1:0:1612496362 4.Ip-ul: 5.Motiv:no ss
  5. Nick: xFEDDEZ Vârsta : 20 Ore pe server (LINK 1 Puteți fi activ pe Team Speak?(obligatoriu chiar si fara microfon Da Cât timp poți fi activ pe server pe zi?: destul atât in timpu săptămânii cât și in weekend Experienta in amx de la 0%-100%?:100 Ai citit regulamentul?: Respect
  6. Nick: filsdepute Data si Ora: 19.05.2019 16:05 Steam STEAM_1:0:1637976336 ip: 160.120.32. Motiv Drop dupa SS Dovada: No SS
  7. Nick sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Data si ora: 19.05.2019 14:08 Steam STEAM_1:0:2023921657 Ip Motiv: Drop dupa SS Dovada No Ss
  8. @Bhop.exe here is my that might be change sometime my steam is STEAM_0:0:188259624 i think
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  10. Use this template, please: Nick: IP: SteamID: Data(Date) Adminul care te-a banat( the admin that banned you) Motiv( Why) Dovada( Proof)
  11. Nick :^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ Ora si data : 13:25/18:05:2019 SteamID : STEAM_1:0:314920261 Ip-ul : Motiv : no.ss Dovada : ** Screenshot taken on player "^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^" by admin "MentaL" (05/18/2019 - 13:24:45) ** *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : noob *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : why *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : facko *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : aoo *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : noob *DEAD* ROYAL ADITZA PIULITA : admin onnn *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : why *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : nob amdin ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ is joining the Counter-Terrorist force *SPEC* ^^*N!J3 CH0D4 VR@N@*^^ : noob
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