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Crashed Romania is a community founded on the social aspect of gaming. We started as a group of friends and slowly we want to expand into a big community with many friends. We always valued the joy of playing games with others and overcoming challenges together over sitting behind a pc toiling away, alone.


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  1. 1. NickName: Skqable a.k.a Bianca 2. Varsta (minim 16 ani) : 17 3. O adresa de CONTACT ? : https://www.facebook.com/bianca.miu.963 5. Cuvantul cheie din regulament este ?: uSp 6. De ce vrei admin? : Pentru a ajuta serverul 7. Esti dispus sa ajuti cu un boost ? DA / NU : Pe viitor da. 8. Esti dispus sa ajuti server-ul cu o mica donatie ? DA/NU : Da. 9. Esti dispus sa intri pe TeamSpeak3 ? DA / NU : Da. 10.LINK GAMETRACKER.COM ORE : https://www.gametracker.com/player/Skqable a.k.a Bianca/
  2. Contra !! In caz ca ati fost respinsi, urmatoarea cerere la care aveti dreptul sa o faceti va fi peste 1 saptamana.
  3. Nick-ul Dvs.: Skqable Nick-ul dorit: Skqable a.k.a Bianca Dovada [screen la meniu]: https://imgur.com/a/ta3sFto
  4. 1. Nume (Real) : Bianca 2. Nick (CS) : Skqable a.k.a Bianca 3. Adresa Contact: https://www.facebook.com/bianca.miu.963 4. Vârsta : 17 5. Ai citit regulamentul? Raspunsu este ? nikolas
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