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Crashed Romania is a community founded on the social aspect of gaming. We started as a group of friends and slowly we want to expand into a big community with many friends. We always valued the joy of playing games with others and overcoming challenges together over sitting behind a pc toiling away, alone.


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  1. Nick codat: TERMAT_troll IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:171203665 Motiv:no.wg Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/1KeNJtH
  2. Nu stiu ce sa zic acm dar na ce e corect e corect pro
  3. # Nick :idk Andraa # Grad :Admin # Absenta / Activitate redusa / Retragere :Retragere # Perioada:permanenta # Motiv :nu pot sa mai ocup de sv din multe cauze,nu as vrea sa spun.. # Alte precizari :Aveti Grija De Server Cat Nu Sunt Va Rog Din Inima<3
  4. Nick codat: Bogd@n IP & STEAMID: "STEAM_1:0:1785362140" Motiv:no.wg Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/zWMtIHB
  5. Nick codat: Stefan 2.0 IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:1024660255 Motiv:aimbot Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/FTeEK3X
  6. Nick codat: eusuntdav1d IP & STEAMID: "STEAM_1:0:1628555010" Motiv:no.wg Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/7eClBLL
  7. Nick codat:silviu IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:2047198017 Motiv:no.wg Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/yBoOryO
  8. Nick codat:RAF Camora IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:2122682842 Motiv:wallhack Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/DIDVvDb
  9. Nick codat:BlackFox IP & STEAMID:STEAM_1:0:1301960904 Motiv:no wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/M9VXFYz
  10. Nick codat: ktTn IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:561021828 Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/JA4esmv Quote Edit Options
  11. # Nick :idk Andraa # Grad :Admin # Absenta /Activitate redusa / Retragere :Activitate redusa # Perioada:permanenta # Motiv :Trb sa invat ca o sa fie vai si amar de capul meu anul acesta... # Alte precizari :...
  12. Contra,a facut ce trebuia Obsesiv si nu e vina lui ca tu ai dat iar scan,wg asa face se blocheaza cateodata nu trebuia sa dai iar scan aici a fost greseala ta
  13. Nick codat:R09FTW IP & STEAMID:STEAM_1:0:1737387442 Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/hQhVocG
  14. Contra,pe wg arata exact cu rosu,ceea ce inseamna ca ai hack deci contra.
  15. Nick codat: Nu Vad De Gloante IP & STEAMID:STEAM_1:0:2035262445 Motiv:no.wg Dovada:https://imgur.com/a/7UB9b58
  16. Contra,link gametracker nu,ore nici asa
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