Sedinta sambata ora 21:00 cu tot stafful crashed! ×
Sedinta sambata ora 21:00 cu tot stafful forum+ts3! ×

Tema este noua ! in caz de intampinati o problema icontactati un fondator !


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  1. guys don't reply to this topics only vladu can reply here..
  2. Nick codat: Schweppes IP & STEAMID: STEAM_ID_LAN Motiv: Report: Crosshair AWP Dovada:
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  12. i did my job and you said its 9:50 and now you said where you live the laptop time its 5:03 WTF man this is strange waiting for others staff.
  13. Nick codat: corey IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:1393177016 Motiv:, becuase at wg problem. Dovada: i wasn't busy i was talking with ezel about wg problem
  14. Nick codat: xAlex IP & STEAMID: STEAM_1:0:1751344725 Motiv: no.wg Dovada: ezel was on sv. he can say i waited for him 10+ mins, then he said he doesn't work to download wargod.