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    https://www.wargods.ro/wcd/report.php?id=2046056 , Motiv: ban.activ Cand primesti unban: Ban Permanent... patrafir ban me with no reason..he dont ask for wg or ss. i made wg to send you and here is all my ss. https://imgur.com/user/giorgoskaras/posts. thanks for the unban that you will do. 🙂
  2. ZeXa#

    Hey dumbledore , i send you the proof for wg test denied man!! i am playing from internet cafe thats why i cant made it!! also check all my ss in this server!! this is unfair ban!! every admin knows that i am clear because i made them ss!! unforgiven , fitil , uruganu and many others!! unban me plz.
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