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  1. cosmos

    what are you talking about I don't use CFG, like some ;)
  2. cosmos

    https://imgur.com/GlMkp0U https://imgur.com/SGcn27x https://imgur.com/GlMkp0U https://imgur.com/BJ3Etyq
  3. cosmos

    Informatii ban Nume: cosmos IP: Motiv: 4 potho forums Cand primesti unban: Ban Permanent Numele adminului: TERMINATORU DIN CLUB SteamID-ul adminului: STEAM_0:1:24 ss:https://imgur.com/SGcn27x ss:https://imgur.com/undefined ss:https://imgur.com/undefined I don't know why I got the ban.When the administrator got the SS to say or is he stupid enough not to know to open ss this is 10 ban on server as i got.I demand immunity :D
  4. cosmos

    someone was looking for ss https://imgur.com/AQTtqpn https://imgur.com/1CSOkRy https://imgur.com/nP3MzLF https://imgur.com/JZUcXqc Informatii ban Nume: cosmos SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1702901888 Motiv: Neprezentare Poze Cand primesti unban: Ban Permanent Numele adminului: Mou3se_DKL SteamID-ul adminului: STEAM_0:1:191
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